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I’m (Eating) With the Band

The Heatley

The city’s opening up again, no better time to get out and support Vancouver’s best restaurants to spot that musician you saw onstage last weekend:

Budgie’s Burritos

Budgies Burritos
Photo cred: Budgies Burritos

Taking a turn working the counter at this beloved vegan-friendly, vintage-decorated taco and nacho hideaway off Main and Broadway is practically a required internship for admission into Vancouver’s indie rock scene. And no wonder as Budgie’s owner Macey Budgell can be found most nights behind the drumkit of local power trash trio Needles // Pins.

The Heatley

The Heatley
Photo cred: The Heatley

At local East Van eatery and watering hole The Heatley, owned by musician Michael Brennan, you’re as likely to catch musicians playing Americana roots on the dimly lit, intimate stage at the corner of Heatley & Hastings Street as you are to see them slinging whiskey for customers behind the bar

The Italians

The Italians
Photo cred: The Italians

Musician Danilo Ciaccia, owner of The Italians, a hidden gem nestled into the West End’s Davie Village, can be found most weekend evenings crooning Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Tony Bennett standards for his diners alongside a rotating cast of local musicians


Photo cred: LanaLou’s

Live bands, DJs, karaoke, comedy — anything goes at LanaLou’s, a rock’n’roll mainstay in the Downtown Eastside owned by Lana Ryma, drummer for ’90s-grunge meets post-punk-pop band The Furniture.

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