SPAM Monthly

SPAM (Special Presentation Art Mail) is a collaborative email-based art series from Number 3 Gallery. For the first 3 months of 2021, artists worked collaboratively to create an interactive email work. Partake in the project by signing up to receive the interactive emails with links, music downloads, and images.

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Unibrow Arts Fest 2021

The 3rd Annual Unibrow Arts Festival of comedy and DIY art publishing showcases emerging talent with a Virtual Zine Market, Digital Art Show, live panel discussions, All You Can Eat Laundry Variety Show, Moniker Press Spotlight, and more.

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Chad VanGaalen Live Stream Performance

Songwriter, animator, visual artist, and Sub Pop recording artist from Calgary, Chat VanGaalen takes audiences on a trip inside his world with a live performance from his studio in celebration of his new record, “World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener.”

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